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Bristol Local Group

Below is a list of the documents produced by the Bristol Local Group


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Date Title Documents Photos View Documents
30/10/2019  Engineering Connected Systems  view 
10/04/2019    view 
08/04/2019  Systems Dynamics  view 
25/03/2019  RIVA: A Rigorous Approach to Business Process Management  view 
11/03/2019  Collective Intelligence through Structured Dialogue  view 
11/02/2019  The Single European Sky - Challenges to Traditional SE Approaches  view 
01/01/2019    view 
17/09/2018  Successful Systems Approaches in Cross-Disciplinary Healthcare Improvement  view 
25/06/2018  The Viable System Model & Moral Modality Framework– How Organisations Really Work  view 
14/05/2018  Systems Engineering Project Management: INCOSE/APM Working Group  view 
09/04/2018  Plus Ca Change; Developments in Architectural Frameworks in Defence  view 
12/02/2018  Whose Line is it Anyway? Using MBSE in the Management and Acceptance of the Defence Lines of Development  view 
23/10/2017  Industry 4.0? Even more need for Systems Thinking 1.0  view 
18/09/2017  Drone Systems: How bad could it be?   view 
24/04/2017  Embracing Complexity: Adaptive management in a volatile and complex world  view 
13/03/2017  Systems Research Showcase  view 
30/01/2017  InDevelopment  view 
05/12/2016  Nimrod AEW3 – A Cautionary Tale  view 
08/11/2016  NiteWorks Architecture Process and an update on the Architecture Working Group  view 
12/10/2016  Digital Rail Presentation & Chapter AGM  view 
13/06/2016  Systems Thinking: Thinking Fast and Slow   view 
15/03/2016  Systems Research Showcase  view 
03/02/2016  Understanding Services: Understanding Stakeholders  view 
25/11/2015  Sepsis and Systems Thinking: Systems Approaches to Complex Medical and Healthcare Problems  view 
30/09/2015  Everything you wanted to know about Sys Eng Professional Development, but were afraid to ask  view 
01/07/2015  Systems Engineering in Practice  view 
10/03/2015  Systems Research Showcase  view 
20/01/2015  “Model Based Systems Engineering – Duelling Banjos  view 
15/07/2014  A Systems Approach to Nuclear Safety”   view 
12/05/2014  Meeting the challenges of Cyber using Agile Systems Engineering  view 
01/05/2014  Autonomous and Complex Systems: Context, Methods and Future Directions in Control and Monitoring  view 
25/03/2014  Bristol Local Group Systems Research Showcase  view 
03/02/2014  Autonomous and Complex Systems: Context, Methods and Future Directions in Control and Monitoring  view 
10/12/2013  Bristol Local Group Festive Fun Evening  view 
10/10/2013  Land Open System Architecture (LOSA), Now and for Army 2020  view 
11/07/2013  Papers past, present and future  view 
22/05/2013  The robots are coming!  view 
20/03/2013  Systems Research Showcase  view 
13/02/2013  Introducton to BKCASE  view 
05/12/2012  Festive Fun  view 
10/10/2012  The State of Systems Engineering in Defence Procurement  view 
11/07/2012  Event Cancelled: System Modelling  view 
23/05/2012  Nuclear Power - how can a systems approach help?  view 
21/03/2012  Systems Research Showcase  view 
25/01/2012  Understanding the Enterprise - how architectural principles help  view 
30/11/2011  Organisation and Behaviours - Systems Engineering within the wider enterprise  view 
28/09/2011  The Rise and Fall of the Systems Engineering Lifecycle  view 
13/07/2011  The Final Step - Getting Systems Into Service  view 
24/05/2011  “The value of an EngD in Systems – what an EngD did for me”  view 
24/05/2011  What an EngD in Systems did for me...  view 
30/03/2011  Systems Research Showcase  view 
26/01/2011  Systems Thinking  view 
24/11/2010  Design for Service - making profits not just products  view 
29/09/2010  Systems Engineering Return on Investment  view 
14/07/2010  Safer, More Secure and Easier To Use  view 
19/05/2010  Risk: Framing for Consistency  view 
24/03/2010  Systems Research Showcase  view 
27/01/2010  Systems Engineering in Different Domains  view 
25/11/2009  Development of Sustainable Systems  view 
23/09/2009  Developing Systems Delivery Capability in the South West  view 
15/07/2009  “Open Forum”  view 
27/05/2009  “Systems Engineering Showcase”  view 
18/03/2009  “Risk (in association with the APM)”  view 
28/01/2009  “System of Systems Engineering – Fact or Fiction”  view 
03/12/2008  “Systems Engineers Anonymous”  view 
15/10/2008  “Dealing with technology – is there a roadmap to success?”  view 
09/07/2008  ‘F111 case study workshop’  view 
28/05/2008  Programme management in a systems engineering environment (in association with the APM)  view 
26/03/2008  Interfaces, interaction and emergence  view 
24/01/2008  Systems Engineering Problem Solving  view 
28/11/2007  How V&V applies across the system lifecycle  view 
26/09/2007  Systems Thinking about Mega Construction Projects – Case Examples  view 
11/07/2007  Simulation and operational analysis  view 
28/03/2007  Requirements Elicitation Techniques  view 
31/01/2007  A year (and a bit) in the life of MODAF  view 
29/11/2006  What is a systems engineer, and how do we make them?  view 
27/09/2006  Defence Industrial Strategy  view 
27/06/2006  Decommission, Dismantle, Demolish, and Dispose of  view 
31/05/2006  A380 – Stopping the Giant  view 
29/03/2006  Systems Engineering - the UK perspective  view 
26/01/2006  New moves in Requirements  view 
08/12/2005  Systems Engineering – the Boomerang Effect  view 
30/11/2005  Contract compliance and fitness-for-purpose  view 
28/09/2005  The tool vendors response to Architectural Frameworks  view 
15/07/2005  Visit to Concorde  view 
29/06/2005  AGM and Architectural Frameworks - How MoDAF will change my Life  view 
27/04/2005  What is Most Important to System Design Success: Models, Design Documents, Process or Something Else?  view 
23/02/2005  Whole Life Costing  view 
24/11/2004  Requirements Engineering – curse or cure?  view 
29/09/2004  21st Century Systems Engineering Challenges  view