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03/11/2014 -

14.30 (Coffee from 14.00)
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Loughborough University Keith Green Building Room 109
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Transforming the Enterprise Using a Systems Approach


The ESE Interest Group and Midlands Local Group joint forces to bring you the last talk in the 2014 series, given by Dr James Martin – the distinguished US author and key contributor to the field.


Transforming the Enterprise Using a Systems Approach


Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE) is an emerging doscipline that can be used to more confidently and rapidly create the essential changes for the mdoern enterprise to survive in these days of enormous economic and social uncertainty. This presentation describes a set of principles and concepts which enable more effective application of the systems approach to drive enterprise transformation. The systems approach includes technical activities of course, but it must also provide a robust apprach for addressing the unique leadership and managerial challenges involved. 

James Martin is an enterprise architect and systems engineer affiliated with The Aerospace Corporation developing solutions for information and space systems.  He was a key author on the BKCASE project in development of the SE Body of Knowledge (SEBOK), contributing articles on Enterprise Systems Engineering. He wrote a chapter on “Transforming the Enterprise Using a Systems Approach”  in the book Beyond Alignment: Applying Systems Thinking in Architecting Enterprises.

Dr. Martin led the working group responsible for developing ANSI/EIA 632, a US national standard that defines the processes for engineering a system.  He previously worked for Raytheon Systems Company as a lead systems engineer and AT&T Bell Labs. His book Systems Engineering Guidebook, was published by CRC Press in 1996.  Dr. Martin is an INCOSE Fellow and was leader of the Standards Technical Committee. He received the INCOSE Founders Award for his long and distinguished achievements in the field and is currently leading INCOSE’s Systems Science initiative.

Booking is not essential, but those wishing to attend are requested to inform Peter Brook on dashwoodbrook@aol or Luminita Ciocolu on 

Those trevelling to the University are advised to enter by the West Gate (closest to Junction 23 M1). 

An interactive university map can be found on,  or a downloadable version at

Keith Green (building 16 on the map) is very close to Burley Court Hotel and access is from the green/parking area behind David Davies. 


29/09/2014 -

7.00 pm (coffee from 6.30)
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy Shrivenham Marlborough Hall Room 105
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Enterprise Systems Engineering IG

The SESAR Enterprise
We pick up after summer break with an Invited talk by John Lomax of Airbus Defence & Space, who will join us from his office in Brussels.
Synopsis: A programmatic overview will be given of the Single European Sky Air Traffic Management System Development Programme (SESAR) - with observations on the application of Systems Engineering in the context of the new paradigms of Enterprise Systems and Systems of Systems Engineering (ESE and SoSE). The presentation will include a summary of the of the programme scope and objectives, with special emphasis on key challenges, including its size and complexity and the emerging SE responses.  The talk will be illustrated by slides and an audio-visual presentation. Ample time will be allowed for discussion of points arising. 
Presenter: John Lomax is a Systems Engineer with Airbus Defence and Space with over 28 years experience that include international assignments across five different countries. He has a degree in Control Systems and an Advanced Systems Engineering Diploma and is an INCOSE CSEP and Senior Certification Application Reviewer. Previous notable positions includes the lead requirements and systems engineering role for the Prognostics and Health Management System of the Joint Strike Fighter Programme. John is currently on assignment as one of the 'Technical Coherence Coordinators' of the Industrial Support Team at the SESAR Joint Undertaking European Commission Agency located in Brussels.
Although the talk continues the on-going exploration of enterprise-related issues, it will undoubtedly be of interest to those who have not previously attended the IG and who wish to gain some insight into complex multi-national programmes. 
[Please note that are currently planning a session from 4pm for those involved in the presentation on ESE & SoS for ASEC 14. Details to be confirmed nearer the time.]
In order to comply with Defence Acedemy's rules for visitor access, we ask those wishing to attend to register by close of play on Friday 26th September, either on line - ie below - or by contacting Peter Brook on , 
07/07/2014 -

6.30 for 7.00 pm
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy Shrivenham Room 107 Marlborough Hall
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ESE Interest Group

After two workshop meetings, we return to presentation-mode with a talk from one of INCOSE UK's most influential members, who will speak on issues of direct concern to Enteprise Systems Engineering.


“Addressing Root Causes through Enterprise-level Collaboration”.

The talk will be based on the presenter's experience from Niteworks and the development of its White Papers, including Continuous Capability Evolution and Architecting Styles (but will also mention Complex Systems Interventions and Capability Coherence). It will focus the major part of the briefing on the first two of these as exemplars. 

Mike Wilkinson is the Technical Director of Niteworks, where he is on secondment from Atkins. He has a first degree in physics and a PhD in theoretical physics from King’s College London. He is past president of the UK Chapter of INCOSE and is currently their Academic Director. He is co-chair of both INCOSE’s UK and International Architecture Working Groups. Within Atkins he is a Technical Director in the Defence Business Unit and was first chair of the Atkins Systems Technical Network. He is a visiting professor at the University of Loughborough, where he is associated with the Engineering System of Systems (ESoS) group.

This topic should be of interest to a wide cross-section of INCOSE membership, who are encouraged to attend even if they have not previously been involved with the ESE Interest Group. There wil be ample opportunity for discussion with Mike and between attendees. If previous meetings are any guide, this will be lively, informative and stimulating.

Time wil be taken at the end of the meeting to discuss future plans, in particular the way ahead for the workshop topic: ESE vs SOSE. 

The usual rules for booking in apply: to be admitted at reception, please book in via this site by close of business on Friday 4th July

12/05/2014 -

19.00 (Coffee from 18.30)
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy Shrivenham Marlborough Hall Room 107
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ESE and SoS: Integration vs Differentiation

Following the workshop session on this topic at the last meeting, we propose to continue with our investigation into the relationship between Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE) and Systems of Systems (SoS). 

The drivers here include a desire to continue a debate which so far has been lively and informative, the opportunity to inform the next iteration of the SEBoK chapters, and a serious attempt to shed light on two areas which arguably define the frontiers for Systems Engineering.

Based on the work already undertaken an abstract was submitted to ASEC 14 for a paper representing the views of the ESE IG as a whole. (A copy can be seen here) This has now been accepted for development to the next stage. Whether or not it is finally selected for presentation, it is already clear that material arising from this discussion could be considered for wider dissemination.

Whether you have been a contributor to the debate so far, or simply want to catch up with latest thinking, you have the chance to make a contribution and have your voice heard. 

As usual there are stringent conditions arising from the need to register names beforehand with Defence Academy. With that in mind, it is essential that attendees make on-line booking no later than close of business on Thursday 9th May

17/02/2014 -

6.30 for 7.00 pm
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Room MH 107 Defence Academy Shrivenham Nr Swindon Wilts SN6 8LA
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ESE and Systems of Systems

Enterprise Systems Engineering and Systems of Systems

Since its inception nearly a year ago, the ESE Interest Group has based its meetings around talks by guest speakers which have allowed us to explore the subject from a number of different viewpoints.

For the next meeting, we intend to try something different by running a workshop in which we attempt to answer the question ‘What are the differences and overlaps between ESE and SoS’.  The question is timely, since the SEBoK knowledge areas for both subjects will be undergoing revision in the next year or two and there are clear opportunities for influencing wider thinking.

The workshop will be facilitated by Ivan Mactaggart, who will introduce the subject using material drawn from previous work by the ESE IG, the INCOSE SoS Working Group,  SEBoK and his own research.

Assuming adequate progress is achieved, we will publish the output on the ESE Wiki to stimulate further debate across the INCOSE community.

 Ivan Mactaggart CEng MINCOSE MIET MSOE

Ivan is a Lead Systems Engineer in the Engineering function of AWE PLC. In addition to working on cross enterprise projects as part of AWE’s contribution to UK Defence, Ivan is also part of a small team working on the future development of AWE’s SE Capability. An active member of INCOSE UK, Ivan chairs the UK Advisory Board and is a member of the MBSE and Capability Working Groups and the Enterprise Systems Engineering Interest Group. Ivan is currently researching an MSc Thesis “Identifying and Mitigating the Issues that Prevent Effective Enterprise Systems Engineering”.

 As usual for this venue, it is essential that those wishing to attend regisgter beforehand using the on-line booking system - if possible by close of business on Friday 14th. This will avoid possibly lengthy delays at reception. 

02/12/2013 -

6.30 for 7.00 pm
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy, Shrivenham Malborough Hall Room 107
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4th Meeting of Enterprise Systems Engineering Interest Group

 Tools for Thought

Dr Rob Collins

entelecheia Ltd

 About his talk, Rob writes:

The following quotes have been noted during discussion at previous meetings of the Enterprise Systems Engineering Interest Group:

 “There is something missing. ..Something we don’t have in our toolset which would help us solve these problems”

“What is not there are ways of thinking

“Its easy to ask for traceability, but in practice it difficult to manage linkages”

During this session I will present a potential solution to these and other issues. I will describe a related set of concepts, tools and methods that can be customised and specialised to support various problems facing Systems Engineers in general, and Enterprise Systems Engineers in particular.

I have been exploring these tools and techniques in my own work for some years. There is also a significant body of work describing application of these tools in fields as diverse as Enterprise Strategy, Systems Assurance, Software Design and modelling of the business environment for scenario analysis.

My thesis is that there is a significant opportunity for further application of these tools in our domain of interest. In particular I will argue that these tools provide an excellent basis for:

 ·      Collaboration and Consensus building between diverse teams

·      Documentation of Rationale and Explanation

·      Alignment from Enterprise Strategy to Systems Design

 I plan to provide enough information and context to enable some of these concepts, tools and techniques to be deployed directly and pragmatically into Systems Engineering projects. Additionally I hope that this presentation will be a stepping-off point for further discussion and development within the Interest Group.

Rob Collins

Rob is a Lean Six-Sigma Black-belt with huge experience of process improvement. He is recognised as a high-energy change agent with the ability to make measurable improvements to processes, plans, procedures, tools and methods.??

He has worked across multiple industries in his roles as both internal and external consultant: Financial Services, IT and Systems Engineering, He is well known as being able to translate theory into solid, pragmatic work at the coal face. ??Rob has a rare ability to communicate complex ideas to a variety of audiences, and has presented hundreds of training sessions to industry and academia, most recently in his highly regarded “Fast Track to Systems Engineering” course at Oxford University.

 Rob has presented at board level and ‘pitched’ technology investment opportunities to venture capital houses. He also pitched to the Dragons on BBC’s Dragon’s Den during rehearsals for the show.?? Specialties include: Lean Six-sigma, Process improvement, Systems, IT, Business Strategy, Safety, Architecture and Architectural Frameworks: MODAF, DoDAF, TOGAF. Requirements Engineering and CMMI.

The talk will be followed by demonstration by Peter Bryant of the new ESE IG wiki and a discussion about how members can use this for on-line debate on issues of interest.

As usual, it is essential that those wishing to attend register beforehand - no later than close of business on Friday 29th November - to allow names to be given to Reception.  (In case of difficulty, please contact Peter Brook at





07/10/2013 -

6.30 for 7.00 pm
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy, Shrivenham Room WH21
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3rd Meeting of Enterprise Systems Engineering Interest Group

A framework for the study of Systems of Systems Engineering


Prof Mike Henshaw, Loughborough University


Summary of Talk


The concept of systems of systems (SoS) as a particular level of abstraction is well-established but research into the challenges of SoS are still at an early stage.  Often they require technical, social, and commercial issues to be addressed simultaneously.  They are characterised by dynamic behaviour and high degrees of uncertainty, sometimes making even specification of the problem space difficult.


In a project, recently sponsored by the European Commission, we have identified twelve main themes for research in SoS Engineering.  These are: characterisation and description of SoS; theoretical foundations for SoS; emergence; multi-level modelling of SoS; measurement and metrics for SoS; evaluation of SoS definition & evolution of SoS architecture; prototyping SoS; trade-off in SoS; security in SoS; human aspects of SoS; energy efficient SoS.  The presentation will cover these themes and seek to provide a direction for research in SoSE.  It will also consider the challenges of conducting SoSE research  per se, and suggest approaches for making progress on the most significant aspects of the research agenda.


The above themes provide a framework to distinguish what is currently understood about SoSE from that which needs attention.  Furthermore, it also provides a framework for identification of key contributions in the field that should be referenced in the SoSE knowledge area of the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK). The presentation will open a discussion about the essential knowledge that should be captured in the SEBoK and the distinctions to be made between SoSE and ESE.


This group has already established a strong and loyal following, but is very keen to attract new members who may wish to join us in exploring this interesting and far-ranging topic of growing importance.


Prior booking is essential. In order to provide names to the reception, could you please do so before end of business on Friday 4th 


22/07/2013 -

Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy, Shrivenham
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ESE Interest Group Meeting

Following the success of the first meeting of this new INCOSE Interest Group, we are holding a second on July 22nd at Defence Academy, Shrivenham, starting at 7pm (refreshments from 6.30).

Location Marlborough Hall Room MH109 (different from last time!)

Our guest speaker will be Duncan Kemp, Engineering Skills Development Leader in MOD, and well known to INCOSE audiences as a lively and popular speaker. Drawing on his extensive experience in the leadership of change in MOD and Dept for Transport, he will address us on the topic of

‘Transforming the Enterprise - Challenges and Lessons Learned'

Time will also be set aside for a general discussion on members’ specific concerns, both personal and professional, to assist with guiding future activities of the group.

To allow names of attendees to be passed to the Academy’s visitor reception, it would be appreciated if those wishing to attend could book on-line by close of play on Friday 19th July.

13/05/2013 -

18.30 for 19:00
Enterprise Systems Engineering

Defence Academy, Shrivenham
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The inaugural meeting of the Enterprise Systems Engineering Interest Group

Using Multiple Perspectives to Design Resilient Systems for Agile Enterprises

by Jeremy Hilton, Cranfield University

This paper proposes an approach to improve the resilience of systems in the design stage by considering a framework of resilience to inform the system’s requirements. We suggest that, in addition, one should consider the regulatory needs, not only of the system, but also the management of the engineering and project/program management processes. Finally we propose a link between the unstructured problem space and the structured engineering and project management space through the consideration of multiple dimensions of the system’s needs.


Since this is the inaugural meeting, some time will also be allocated to reviewing the aims of the Interest Group and gathering views from those attending on topics for future sessions.

Light refreshment will be provided.


Please note that if you wish to attend you must book by close of play on Friday 10th May, to to allow names to be given to the venue prior to the event.  Please bring some form of identity, such as photographic driving licence or passport to show at reception. The event is free to attend.