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Railway Interest Group

Below is a list of the documents produced by the Railway Interest Group.


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04/12/2019  Systems Integration for Delivery: A Network Rail Programme for Change and RIG AGM  view 
06/11/2019  EMEA Rail Integration Workshop Outbrief   view 
11/10/2019  EMEA Rail Integration Workshop - Challenges for System Integration in Rail Chaired by Mike Morua and Jan Verbeek  view 
02/10/2019  Systems Integration for Delivery: A Network Rail Programme for Change  view 
18/09/2019  Secure by Design  view 
19/06/2019  Solving the Resilience Problem in Digital Railway  view 
22/05/2019  Whole Systems Modelling / Digital Twins of UK Railways  view 
24/04/2019  Cyber Security & the Digital Railway  view 
11/04/2019  Digital Signalling Upgrade Symposium: Beating The Challenges   view 
12/03/2019  Creating digital twins for operational and strategic decision support at scale  view 
05/12/2018  Migration Strategies – Who Needs Them!  view 
14/11/2018  Systems Thinking, Innovation and Railways: Can We Make it Happen?  view 
23/10/2018  Progressive Assurance and how it Applies to Digital Railway  view 
26/09/2018  Applying the INCOSE SE Competence Assessment Framework in the Rail Sector  view 
30/04/2018  SAFECAP - Automating SSI Data Testing Using Formal Methods  view 
24/04/2018  Practical Lessons in Writing a System Specification  view 
28/03/2018  System Safety in the Big Data World  view 
15/11/2017  Railway Control & Safety Systems as a Closed-Loop Negative Feedback Control System   view 
18/09/2017  Operational Concept to Working Railway: Developing an effective collaboration between operators and engineers on a major railway upgrade project   view 
15/06/2017  Getting the most out of innovation with a systems approach and an open mind  view 
17/05/2017  The Special Theory of Holes: A Systems Thinking methodology applied to the exercise of power  view 
05/04/2017  How not to do Requirements Management with Civil Engineers  view 
21/03/2017  Innovation in Infrastructure: the railway as a socio-technical system  view 
28/02/2017  Reintegrating the Elephant: Using Microsoft Office to automate management of requirements  view 
02/02/2017  Embedding Systems Engineering in NR Infrastructure Projects  view 
13/07/2016  Digital Railway Enterprise Architecture Delivery Programme and Needs  view 
29/06/2016  Delivering the RTS: Applying systems thinking for technology development  view 
07/06/2016  Managing Complexity: Signalling interoperability for Engineer’s Vehicles  view 
12/05/2016  Eating the Elephant: Reference Design for ETCS  view 
27/04/2016  Systems Engineering Framework for Railway Control & Safety Systems  view 
14/04/2016  IRSE Seminar & Workshop (with INCOSE UK RIG): Systems Engineering for Train Control and Communications: People, Process and Product   view 
09/03/2016  Maintaining Crossrail - a systems approach  view 
23/02/2016  Mobility as a service: Requirements and validation  view 
28/01/2016  Modelling the future railway: ERTMS and related technologies  view 
08/12/2015  Visit to Thameslink Systems Integration Laboratory  view 
06/10/2015  Management of Interfaces in the Rail industry  view 
17/09/2015  How could systems thinking help rail adopt new technology and improve faster? Oliver Bratton, MTR Corporation Ltd  view 
07/07/2015  Systems Engineering Considerations for the Application of Augmented Reality in an Operational Railway Environment  view 
12/05/2015  Moving Modelling into the Mainstream  view 
04/02/2015  Railway Operations and Systems Engineering Workshop: Putting whole railway conception into practice on railway projects  view 
09/12/2014  The Systems Engineering Approach taken on the Northern Hub and Electrification Rail Upgrade programme  view 
10/09/2014  Whole Life Cost Modelling for the Tube  view 
03/07/2014  HS2 Systems Architecture  view 
13/05/2014  The Atkins/UCL MSc in Rail Integrated Design Management: Developing the Skills to Deliver Multi-discipline Design Solutions  view 
03/04/2014  Crossrail 2 - History and transport planning case: Are we talking the same language - planners and engineers?  view 
12/03/2014  Progressive Defence in Depth: Prioritising and Managing Risk in Transport  view 
10/12/2013  Panel discussion: SE and Money  view 
13/11/2013  How the rail industry is working together to drive down the cost of managing the infrastructure  view 
08/10/2013  MBSE - is there any substance behind the hype?  view 
10/09/2013  The Great Western Electrification Programme - Collaborating for Success   view 
16/07/2013  Keeping London Moving During the London 2012 Games  view 
21/05/2013  The changing face of London and Southeast Railway Architecture  view 
01/05/2013  Integrating Systems Engineering and Systems Safety Engineering  view 
27/02/2013  Has 3rd Rail Had its Day? The Conversion of the SR 3rd Rail Network to 25kV Overhead.  view 
19/02/2013  What is going on in UK rail systems engineering?  view 
14/11/2012  Experience of System Engineering in Rolling Stock Development (A Manufacturer’s View)  view 
17/10/2012  Deep Left Shift – SE and the Future Tube Upgrades  view 
11/09/2012  Rail Interest Group AGM to be followed by The State of (Rail) Systems Engineering  view 
17/07/2012  Systems Engineering: Railway Operators get it too!  view 
08/07/2012  Transportation Working Group  view 
07/03/2012  UK Railway System Reliability - Modelling the future - a case study  view 
23/02/2012  Managing Complexity in the North West and Integrating the Northern Hub  view 
24/01/2012  Crossrail: making the right decisions, picking the right technologies  view 
29/11/2011  Defence in Depth - Identify Defence Elements within a Railway Transport System  view 
22/11/2011  Decision Making from Data: Causes and Uncertainty  view 
18/10/2011  A Duffer's Guide to TRAK  view 
20/09/2011  How can systems engineers and asset managers work together better?  view 
06/07/2011  Crossrail: making the right decisions, picking the right technologies  view 
14/06/2011  A Systems Solution for Mid Tunnel Vent Shafts (LU Cooling the Tube Programme)  view 
07/06/2011  Responding to the whole system challenges of the McNulty rail value for money study  view 
21/03/2011  Performance and Risk Modelling - Lessons from 30 years  view 
04/03/2011  The Systems Engineer of the Future: A View from the President-Elect  view 
31/01/2011  INCOSE International Workshop: Transportation Working Group (London Satellite Session)  view 
15/12/2010  A Lighter-Hearted ’End-of-term’ eventPLEASE NOTE: This event has been cancelled  view 
07/12/2010  Delivering the Right Transport System: Systems Engineering and Project Management in HarmonyPLEASE NOTE: This event has been cancelled   view 
30/11/2010  SE Business Case to Implementation - 3 years on  view 
27/10/2010  Could the Rail Industry Benefit from a System-Wide Approach to Reliability?  view 
22/09/2010  AGM  view 
25/05/2010  "The Application of SE to the Tender Phase of a Major Project", Garry Greenland, Parsons Brinckerhoff  view 
11/05/2010  "The Roots of Systems Engineering", Eddie Goddard, LU.  view 
11/05/2010  "SE Business Case to Organisational Implementation", Kuldeep Gharatya, LU.   view 
20/04/2010  Nimrod and the MoD: missed opportunities and lessons for rail  view 
28/02/2010  • Reintegrating the Elephant: Using Microsoft Office to automate management of requirements   view 
28/02/2010  • Reintegrating the Elephant: Using Microsoft Office to automate management of requirements   view 
28/02/2010  Reintegrating the Elephant: Using Microsoft Office to automate management of requirements   view 
16/02/2010  "Systems Engineering and the UK Transport System"  view 
02/02/2010  How not to do Systems Engineering  view 
11/11/2009  Systems Engineering in Railways  view 
16/09/2009  AGM  view 
16/09/2009  The Systems Engineering Competency Framework and Guidelines and How They Could be Applied to Rail  view 
11/06/2009  Towards Visualisations of Configuration Management  view 
21/05/2009  EA, IA, O – Enterprise Architecture in the Rail Domain  view 
08/04/2009  Requirements Capture, Analysis & Specification using UML/SysML  view 
25/02/2009  Tram / Train – A Systems Engineering Challenge  view 
21/01/2009  Three Models for Systems Engineering Delivery  view 
20/11/2008  The Value of Systems Engineering  view 
28/10/2008  The application of System Engineering within the MOD: From Policy to Projects (preceded by AGM)   view 
17/09/2008  The State of Play in Railway Systems Engineering  view 
02/04/2008  Head Up Displays for Trains  view 
27/02/2008  Systems Engineering Practices that Help Manage the Complexity of a Modern Railway Project  view 
16/01/2008  Space systems engineering: synergies with rail  view 
30/10/2007  Train system and energy optimisation for metros:  view 
24/09/2007  Integrating Stations into the Wider Railway  view 
03/07/2007  Best Practice in Railway Requirements Engineering  view 
06/06/2007  Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Genius or Great Systems Engineer?  view 
16/05/2007  Systems Engineering and Tram Projects  view 
19/04/2007  So What is Railway Systems Engineering?  view 
29/03/2007  Networking Evening – Theme ‘Railway System Architectures’  view 
14/02/2007  Keeping the Floor Level on the New Underground  view 
30/11/2006  A Soft Systems Approach to the Investigation of Railway Interfaces  view 
11/10/2006  Cooling The Tube  view 
12/09/2006  Railway Systems Engineering in Action  view 
06/07/2006  Lessons Learnt from Applying New Train Control Systems to Major Re-Signalling Projects  view 
06/06/2006  Network Rail - Towards a Total System Approach  view 
24/05/2006  Organising Committee  view