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17/07/2012 -

1700H for 1730H
Railway Interest Group

Arup’s offices in 13 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 4BQ
Systems Engineering: Railway Operators get it too!

Systems Engineering techniques are increasingly applied with success in rail engineering design. Rail operating professionals, seeing the advantages, have grasped the essentials with alacrity.

Nigel Murphy and Steve Roberts set out some examples of such applications, illustrating how time, cost and risk have been reduced and performance and operability improved, in ‘softer’ operational design of the rules, methods of working and competence management systems necessary to deliver the railway for customers. They will draw upon examples over the last 12 years in the UK, and reference global examples for further illustration. They will argue that SE practitioners should view railway operations professionals as advocates, champions and co-practitioners and that System Engineering must embrace operational design in a systematic way rather than as an afterthought. The presentation will show that use of SE approaches by operators is a successful model for others to adopt and provoke debate on practical steps that SE practitioners should consider when developing new projects.


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Systems Engineering: Railway Operators get it too!  Bruce Elliott  Flyer  23/05/2012  pdf   Open 
Systems Engineering -Railway Operators get it too!  Nigel Murphy (Atkins) and Steve Roberts (RSSB)  Presentation  27/07/2012  pdf   Open 
Systems Engineering -Railway Operators get it too!   Nigel Murphy (Atkins) and Steve Roberts (RSSB)  Paper  27/07/2012  pdf   Open