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21/05/2009 -

1700H for 1730H
Railway Interest Group

SELEX Systems Integrations offices 84-86 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7NR
EA, IA, O – Enterprise Architecture in the Rail Domain

Systems Engineering was introduced to manage the complexity risk in large projects to replace, merge, augment and transition major mission critical systems.

The success of SE has allowed more difficult and risky projects to be tackled which in turn has stimulated additional disciplines. This evolutionary cycle promises approaches to more “wicked” problems in “complex adaptive systems” as seen in the non-military evolution of “business capability” involving people, competencies and technical systems.

The presentation will explore the challenges of the expanded problem domain and attempt to position the relationships between the disciplines.


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EA, IA, O – Enterprise Architecture in the Rail Domain  Keely Marsh   Flyer  17/04/2009  pdf   Open 
Enterprise Architecture in the Rail Domain  Selex SI  Presentation  20/05/2009  pdf   Open 
INCOSE UK Chapter Rail Interest Group EA, IA, O – Enterprise Architecture in the Rail Domain  Selex SI  White Paper  20/05/2009  pdf   Open