Academic Research

Academic Research

Can you help?

INCOSE UK Student Members regularly ask if we can help them gather data for their MSc's. As a result the Council has decided to create a page on the website where they can post requests to INCOSE Members.

In return the Council has requested that they acknowledge INCOSE UK in their findings and that these findings are made available to our members.

Any Student wishing to post a request for help on the INCOSE UK website MUST be a member of INCOSE and all requests should be sent to Emma Jane Taylor at the INCOSE UK Secretariat.


MIT Survey on Technology Readiness Levels

We invite your participation in a study on the state-of-the-art practice of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and challenges using this method. This study is conducted by a research team at MIT Sloan School of Management under the supervision of Professor Steven Eppinger and Professor Nitin Joglekar. We believe that a better understanding of the TRL practice will benefit not only future academic work but also the daily practice in industry applications. Your opinion on TRLs is very valuable to us and we would highly appreciate if you take time to complete this 20-minute online survey on Technology Readiness Level Challenges. All data you provide will be kept completely confidential as specified by MIT rules. Only aggregated data analyses will be disseminated.

This link takes you directly to the survey:

We would be delighted if you would also forward this link to your colleagues working with TRLs.


Research Questionnaire on Systems Engineering Management and Project Management.

Hadi Sanei, 2015


As part of a PhD research I am conducting with UCL centre for Systems Engineering, we are studying the relationship between Systems Engineering Management and Project Management.

We have a survey at including few questions covering;

  • Requirements management
  • Interface Management
  • Work Breakdown Structure

In the context of Project Management and Systems Engineering.

Thank you.

Hadi Sanei,UK