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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
14/07/2010 -

Bristol Local Group

Room 3D06 on the University of the West of England (UWE), Frenchay Campus, Bristol
Safer, More Secure and Easier To Use
In the modern world there seems to be a goal to make things safer, more secure, and easier to use. You can (and probably will) argue that safety can be taken to straightjacket proportions, having more passwords does not make for more security, and that usability does not mean making every electronic interface look like an iPod – in which case you’ll be more than welcome to attend this event! The plan for the evening is to investigate the interaction between systems engineering and the safety, security and human factors domains to better understand what they can (or at least should) do for each other, and where there are underlying tensions.


Title Author Doc Type Doc Date File Type View
Why don't System Engineers get IT Security?  Rik Kershaw-Moore  Presentation  30/06/2010  pdf   Open 
Safer, More Secure and Easier to Use  Ian Gibson  Flyer  02/07/2010  pdf   Open 
Top 5 system engineers' omissions that make safety engineer’s lives harder  Colin Brain  Presentation  06/07/2010  pdf   Open 
Human Factors Isolation: A Systems Engineering Risk  Rob Cummings  Presentation  09/07/2010  pdf   Open 
Safer, more secure, and easier to use  Ian Gibson  Presentation  12/07/2010  pdf   Open 
IT Security Shielding Device Assembly  Rik Kershaw-Moore  Handout  15/07/2010  pdf   Open