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29/09/2010 -

Bristol Local Group

Room 1N05, Frenchay Campus, UWE, Bristol
Systems Engineering Return on Investment
How much Systems Engineering should we do? What is the value of Systems Engineering? These are perennial questions facing the Systems engineering community. Systems engineers generally complain that "not enough Systems Engineering is done", but are unable to articulate the real benefits, or define the right amount. We are delighted to have the opportunity to invite Eric Honour , an INCOSE Founder and past president of INCOSE in 1997, to repeat a presentation from the INCOSE International Symposium held earlier this year in Chicago, on the latest results from work he has been doing looking at the value of Systems Engineering. The work is a statistical analysis of relationship between Systems Engineering activity and the success of programmes. Two key conclusions are made: 1) There is a strong correlation between cost adherence, schedule adherence and (customer) perception of success, with an optimum proportion of SE effort identified; 2) Surprisingly there is a lack of correlation between the level of SE activities and the technical quality of the product system. Eric will present his results, followed by an open (and hopefully lively) discussion about the nature of the analysis, the direction of further work, and the implications of the conclusions. If you have ever tried to justify more SE effort, or wondered how much SE is enough then this event is for you.


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Systems Engineering Return on Investment  Eric Honour  Presentation  06/09/2010  pdf   Open 
Systems Engineering Return on Investment  Ian Gibson  Flyer  10/09/2010  pdf   Open