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Date/Time Organisation & Location Description
30/01/2017 -

18:00 for 18:30 start to 21:00
Bristol Local Group

Atkins The Hub 500 Park Avenue Aztec West Bristol BS32 4RZ

What is “InDevelopment”? 

InDevelopment is a new type of working group event BLG is piloting.  We will collectively look at 3 separate real life project and organisational scenarios from systems perspectives, drawing on each other’s expertise in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.  We will discuss each scenario in small groups and brief our findings across the groups.  All who attend will agree to maintain discretion over anything discussed.

What will you get out of attending? 

We will use a collaborative problem-solving approach that leads to a shared learning experience for all, not just those whose topics are being worked on.  It will provide an opportunity to work and learn with fellow systems folk.  We hope that all will deepen their understanding of Systems Thinking, and their own problem solving and decision making behaviours.

What’s the approach? 

We will examine each of the 3 scenarios through the lens of Systems Thinking, and in particular from the perspective of the personal qualities and attributes a Systems Thinker might have.  We have been inspired by two (relatively) recent BLG talks; one by Kevan Boll on the subject of Daniel Kahneman’s work and the second by Gary Smith, on an approach to Systems Thinking he has developed with Brigitte Daniel Allegro, that they call the Systems Thinking Tree.


Preparing for the session: 


Recommended preparation for attendees will be to read and watch the following:


Systems Thinking Fast & Slow: Presentation by Kevan Boll:

Systems Tree in action:  Presentation by Gary Smith:

Examples of Kahneman and Tverksy’s heuristics and biases:




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Request for topics  Local Group  Flyer  30/11/2016  pdf   Open 
Learning Through Collaborative Systems Thinking  Local Group  Flyer  18/01/2017  pdf   Open