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25/03/2019 -

Bristol Local Group

Atkins, The Hub 500 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Bristol BS32 4RZ
RIVA: A Rigorous Approach to Business Process Management

A clear and rigorous description of an organisation’s business processes is a key prerequisite of many outputs in the Systems Engineering field and related disciplines. Bristol Local Group is delighted to welcome Martyn Ould to discuss the novel Riva method. Unlike many of the alternatives, Riva combines a rigorous notation with a practical analytical method, one that is currently being used in parts of the Defence and Research community to good effect.

 With concurrency and collaboration at its heart, Riva is grounded in organisational theory rather than driven by the constraints of software modelling tools. It uses business concepts to describe businesses, rather than distorting the world to fit inappropriate software concepts. That said, it has strong formal underpinnings that ensure rigour and transparency in the resulting descriptions, more so than many other approaches that come from software engineering.

 Martyn is the author of Business Process Management – a rigorous approach. During a varied career in Software Development, including teaching at Oxford University and University of West of England, Martyn became increasingly involved in Business Process Management, applying Riva in assignments with major organisations such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and the Electricity Supply Board of Ireland, and with both national and local government. Now pretending to be retired, he was a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer.

The text of Martyn's book Business Process Management – a rigorous approach is available as a PDF on his website, along with other supporting materials





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